Automatic Frost Combination Freezer


The top cover of the automatic frost combination island cabinet is designed with a sliding glass door with pulleys, which is convenient for use and enhances the display effect. The island cabinet is designed with fixed feet, which is more stable and convenient to use. The overall foaming of polyurethane is adopted, and the cooling and heat preservation effect is good. The glass cover is pushed and pulled up and down on the wide surface, and the appearance is beautiful and stylish. The glass cover is designed with LOW-E tempered glass, which will never condense, food hygiene, and the application of automatic hot gas defrosting technology (during the defrosting process, the food temperature is kept below -15 ) to ensure the quality of the food.
The island cabinet is a shelf used to display the displayed goods, with a tray, which is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, including restaurants and so on.
The island cabinet is divided into: single outlet island cabinet and double outlet island cabinet. Its function is to reduce the temperature, so that the bacteria inside the food slow down the activity speed and prolong the shelf life. You can put rice balls, dumplings, lobster dumplings and other foods that need to be frozen.
The island cabinet cabinet is protected by streamlined aluminum alloy anti-collision profiles, which are durable; all display cabinet parts are treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, and the protective layer is sprayed by electrostatic powder spraying; the large-capacity design makes it possible to store more food and reduce shipments The use of generator and thermal expansion valve ensures that the work of the evaporator reduces the defrosting work and reduces the energy consumption.

Product features:

1. The product is beautiful and generous, and has a certain decorative effect on the occasion of use; the design of high glass increases the display of the product.

2. The humanized design of the double-island cabinet makes it convenient and fast for customers to purchase and pick up the goods.

3. Enlarge the design of the evaporator to improve the heat exchange efficiency. Make the double island cabinet cool down faster, lower the temperature, and save energy at the same time.

4. The air duct structure is adopted, so that the air curtain has a good thermal insulation effect, and the cooling is fast, so that the temperature in the double island cabinet is uniform.

Mobile hanging basket design: make full use of the large-capacity storage space of the freezer, and access food is more convenient and quick; 7-speed adjustment: 7-speed adjustment, the freezing insurance can be changed at will; tempered glass sliding door: heat-reflecting tempered glass is light Good heat insulation, anti-fog and clear display of food; universal ground wheel: universal ground wheel, convenient for cabinet movement and easy to use.

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