GangShu Natural stone paint


Natural real stone paint is very widely used, applicable to the interior and exterior wall decoration of villas, apartments, office buildings, buildings and other buildings of all grades. It can be used as exterior wall and relief, beams and columns and other shaped wall decoration; also suitable for doing exterior wall mural; also can be used for interior decoration, with granite, marble, linen-like color effect, especially for interior decoration of columns, Roman columns, etc. The decorative effect is comparable to stone, and more suitable for shaping various artistic shapes than stone. 

Natural stone paint is a coating made of different grains of natural granite and other natural gravel, stone powder as the main material, synthetic resin or synthetic resin emulsion as the main binder, and supplemented by a variety of additives. It is water-resistant, alkali-resistant, good weather resistance, strong adhesion, high color retention, water-based environmental protection architectural coatings. Natural stone paint has the decorative effect of granite, marble, natural rock and other stone, and has a natural color, realistic texture, hard like stone finish, giving people a dignified, elegant, luxurious visual enjoyment.
Real stone paint color sand product color system has: black series color sand, red series color sand, yellow series color sand, white series color sand, green series color sand, etc.

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