How Can a Good Blockchain Game Increase User Stickiness? FlappyMoonbird ($FMB) Knows



In recent years, the emergence of digital currency and blockchain technology has propelled blockchain games into the limelight, capturing significant attention. These games not only offer an engrossing gaming experience but also grant players authentic ownership of digital assets. However, according to data provided by industry sources, the average monthly player count on Play-to-Earn (P2E) platforms has witnessed a substantial decline from its peak of 2.7 million in February 2022 to fewer than 500,000 in August 2023.


Enhancing user engagement has become a pressing challenge for developers in the blockchain gaming industry.


Let's delve into a case study of FlappyMoonbird, a blockchain game introduced by Helix Table in December 2022. By skillfully combining Gamefi and NFT components, the game swiftly gained traction within the Gamefi community, ultimately emerging as one of the most sought-after titles in 2023. The appeal of FlappyMoonbird lies in its straightforward gameplay and distinctive attributes, drawing in a substantial user base. Now, let us explore the factors that contribute to both user retention and continuous influx of new players in this captivating game.


1. Incorporating robust social features:

FlappyMoonbird introduced a groundbreaking concept known as Bird Universe, where characters exist as NFTs owned by players. The in-game currency, $FMB, facilitates transactions within this universe. A captivating Bird Universe promotional video showcases a charming island adorned with everyday amenities like hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping centers, and squares. Leveraging blockchain technology, the game establishes a decentralized social network, enabling players to communicate, collaborate, and engage in player-to-player trades. This social aspect transforms the game from a solitary experience into a vibrant community platform, fostering connections among players and encouraging them to explore the game's delights together. By facilitating social interaction, FlappyMoonbird enhances player retention and cultivates a desire to remain engaged within the game.


2. Consistent enhancements and updates to boost user engagement:

FlappyMoonbird constantly strives to improve and upgrade the game, fostering stronger player loyalty. One notable addition is the Rare Bird Display feature, enabling players to showcase their prized avian possessions. Furthermore, holders of NFTs can utilize Genesis Birds to compete in thrilling competitions. To enrich the gaming experience, the introduction of the circulation token $FMB allows players to acquire in-game items and participate in more exhilarating challenges. Additionally, FlappyMoonbird is actively developing a third casual card game while also capitalizing on the popular training bird feature, which augments players' chances of success. These gamification elements entice players to invest significant time and resources, forging a sense of dependency on the game.


3. Effective incentive mechanisms:

FlappyMoonbird employs a range of enticing incentives to attract and retain users. Regular project cooperation sweepstakes, community mini-game interactions, and Racingbird betting gameplay are organized, providing users with opportunities to earn substantial rewards through engaging mini-games. Users who actively participate in these activities can acquire $FMB tokens, either by their own efforts or through fortuitous outcomes. Additionally, the introduction of a daily sign-in reward mechanism further enhances motivation for players. By offering rewards for daily logins, players are incentivized to remain engaged and eager to partake in the game's offerings.


4. Proactive engagement in community building and promotional endeavors:

FlappyMoonbird places great emphasis on fostering interactivity and engagement within its user community. They actively organize online and offline competitions, inviting players to partake in communication and friendly competition. Moreover, forging partnerships with other blockchain projects and participating in industry conferences and events contributes to expanding the game's visibility and attracting a broader user base. By actively participating in community building and promotional activities, FlappyMoonbird cultivates a vibrant ecosystem that resonates with existing users and entices potential new players.


5. Sustaining an active community through continuous collaboration and online/offline activities:

FlappyMoonbird maintains an active and thriving community by fostering ongoing partnerships. For instance, the strategic alliance with Cyberconnect, a Web3 social network with it's token--$CYBER listed on Binance, enables participants in FlappyMoonbird's Funclub event to receive token rewards from Cyberconnect. This collaboration attracts more players to participate while increasing exposure and user traffic for FlappyMoonbird. In addition to regular updates to online activities, the FlappyMoonbird team actively engages in exhibitions. Their presence at the SWF2023 exhibition in South Korea garnered significant attention, with their booth bustling with visitors.


Notably, FlappyMoonbird has recently forged a strategic partnership with Orderly Network and plans to participate in the organization's prominent Omnichain spotlight event. This month-long event promises to generate heightened attention and fresh interest in FlappyMoonbird, bringing a steady influx of new members to the community. Orderly Network's launch of the Orderly Omnichain test network encourages builders to shape the future of dApps and provides developers with comprehensive blockchain solutions. This collaboration serves to propel the development and construction of FlappyMoonbird as a leading fully on-chain games platform.


Consistent enhancement and reinforcement of user asset security measures:


Ensuring the security of users' digital assets is paramount for blockchain games such as FlappyMoonbird. The FlappyMoonbird team has implemented a range of essential security measures, leveraging decentralization to enable traceability for every transaction. Smart contracts and decentralized storage technology are employed for both NFT and token issuance, bolstering the security and credibility of the game. These measures instill confidence in players regarding the safety of their digital assets, mitigating the risks of fraud and attacks. By continuously improving and strengthening user asset security protocols, FlappyMoonbird prioritizes the protection and peace of mind of its player base.


Indeed, increasing user stickiness in a blockchain game requires careful consideration of various factors. Diversified gameplay, robust social functions, well-designed incentive mechanisms, continuous updates and improvements, secure operations, active community engagement, and optimized user experience are all crucial elements. By excelling in these aspects and maintaining consistent efforts, blockchain games can attract more users, encouraging them to remain engaged.


Furthermore, developers should stay attuned to market trends and technological advancements, adapting their games accordingly to meet the evolving needs and expectations of users. By actively managing operations and striving for constant innovation and improvement, blockchain games can provide an enhanced user experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. This, in turn, paves the way for long-term development and success in the industry.

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