Special Ceramic Grade Hydroxyapatite With Anti-corrosion Properties, Super High Temperature Resistance And Thermal Stability


Hydroxyapatite can be divided into toothpaste-grade hydroxyapatite, food-grade hydroxyapatite, special ceramic-grade hydroxyapatite, defluorinated adsorption-grade hydroxyapatite, suspension polymerization dispersion-grade hydroxyapatite.
Hydroxyapatite melting point: 1650 ℃, with super high temperature resistance and thermal stability, and good corrosion resistance, low corrosion current density, low hydrogen evolution, can increase the impedance value of the matrix, excellent wear resistance, and can be applied to special ceramic materials and special resin modification.
Hydroxyapatite belongs to hexagonal crystal system, which is theoretically called [Ca10 (PO) 6 (OH) 2, recorded as HAP], and its actual composition is very complex. The density is 3.156g/cm3. Hydroxyapatite (HAP) has a complex crystal structure, in which there are large channels in the direction parallel to the c-axis. Due to its special crystal structure, hydroxyapatite has a strong surface adsorption performance in addition to its high ion activity and strong ion exchange capacity.

Hydroxyapatite is the main component of human bones and teeth. 65% of human bones, 70% of dentin and 95% of enamel are hydroxyapatite, with a total content of 20% of human body. Characteristics of hydroxyapatite: white, tasteless, safe and edible; Small particle size and large surface area; Strong biological activity, Mohs hardness 5.8, excellent friction characteristics; It has strong binding force with pigment, strong ability to absorb bacteria, significant anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect, strong ability to inhibit harmful bacteria, strong biocompatibility, and strong affinity with enamel and dentin, and strong caries prevention function.
Hydroxyapatite ceramic (HAP) is an inorganic material made by molding and firing the powder with the same mineral composition as human bone and teeth obtained by artificial synthesis.

Sichuan Mianyang Xingheyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established on April 12, 2018, and its registered place is located in Wangchong Street, Yongchang Town, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County. Its business scope includes the research, development, manufacturing, promotion, application and sales of new material hydroxyapatite and related calcium products, and powder processing products. The company aims to extend the calcium resource industry chain, improve the added value of calcium resource products, and develop new national functional materials in the spirit of "making use of superior resources and building a high-quality industry". Invest in the project of "10000 tons/year production of new functional materials" in Beichuan, mainly engaged in R&D and production of hydroxyapatite products.

The management personnel of the company are composed of doctors from Sichuan University, masters from Zhejiang University, senior engineers and professional technicians. They have been engaged in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and foreign trade of calcium products, fine chemical products, inorganic dispersants, functional new materials, etc. for many years, and have accumulated a lot of theoretical and practical experience. At present, the main products are: daily chemical hydroxyapatite, defluorination, heavy metal passivation hydroxyapatite, high-temperature ceramic hydroxyapatite, polymer material suspension polymerization hydroxyapatite, etc.


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