The market fell,use JASMINER to avoid risk


The market began to fall,use JASMINER to avoid risk

The roulette of time is about to enter the second half of 2022. For people in the cryptocurrency industry, there are no surprises but the frown brought by the "bear market", especially in May, the price of Bitcoin fell by nearly 30% and the LUNA currency evaporated...

So is it really only possible to watch assets go to zero? How can we not only avoid risks but also make assets appreciate in a bear market?

Remember, the people who make it out of a bear market in one piece do not do so because of how hard they studied within the industry, but precisely because they made the right choices. If miners don't make wise choices, then they really are going to drown with this bear market tide.

One of the best strategies to survive the winter in a bear market is to mine with a mining rig that has a low shutdown coin price. You may wonder what's the use of mining, a long investment cycle with no big returns in sight, when the whole industry is in the doldrums. But the opposite is true. That's because you don't recognize the benefits of mining in a bear market, as well as not picking the right machine.

Despite the flat price trend, low-power mining is still very profitable. In fact, mining rigs with low shutdown coin prices are able to achieve revenue growth. If according to the current price, based on the electricity cost of 0.06 USD/kWh and based on the current mining difficulty, some mining rigs have reached or are close to the shutdown price, which is the cost price of mining, and will lose money once they are turned on. It is predicted that this round of market will directly impact a large number of mining farms, and smaller mining farms will be shut down and turned around. And if the miners themselves buy a rig with low power consumption and a lower price of shutdown coins to mine, they will not be affected by this wave at all.

Another benefit of mining in a bear market is that as the price drops, the number of miners who can continue to make a profit drops, which will force inefficient miners to give up and make it less difficult to mine new blocks. As the difficulty decreases, those who are able to continue mining are more likely to get more coins. The opportunity is still there, it just requires you to be patient.

By far, the JASMINER X4 mining rig is the most innovative in terms of technology. High-throughput chips are steady, with large bandwidth and low power consumption, and are mainly used to mine the Ethereum Classic. Especially at the moment, the ecology of ETC is also widely recognized, and from the perspective of the general market rally, ETC is also less affected by the bear market, which is totally worth investing in.

Here are some data of JASMINER X4 products: JASMINER X4 1U has a hash rate of 520MH/s and consumes only 240W; JASMINER X4-Q has a hash rate of 1040MH/s and power consumption of 480W. From the perspective of hash rate configuration and power consumption, their power consumption ratio is extremely low, which is lower than that of some household appliances, so the price of the shutdown currency is also low, and the proportion of electricity bills is low. Just imagine when no other mining rigs can mine, and only JASMINER can continue to contribute high hash rate for you, without letting you spend a lot of money on electricity bills, what a moving thing in a bad market.

Please don't lose faith in the crypto market. When capital gradually leaves the market, those high-quality projects that are really willing to work steadily will be naturally selected, and there will be fewer and fewer "deception" projects trying to take advantage of the bull market. Investing in low-power, low-electricity mining rigs like JASMINER can be a more stable investment in bear markets, with no abnormal losses, allowing more people to enjoy the dividends of cryptocurrency development!

Despite entering a downturn in the industry dilemma, more people are willing to look at low-power mining machines like JASMINER as a high point in the ensuing bear market. It can be said that JASMINER is following the trend, not only solving the major problems of mining efficiency and power energy sustainability, but also providing a proven product with high revenue potential. JASMINER is sure to be promising in the future.

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